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  • Husky tour 3H

Activities / Winter

Husky tour 3H

The tour begins with meeting the dogs and the guide. Together you will prepare the dogs for the tour, a journey through a magic winter wonderland, an experience above the ordinary. Discover the pleasure of gliding through the white landscape with only the sound of the paws against the snow. A warm beverage is included in the tour.

Together with your friend you will drive your own dogsled!. Safety instruction and preparing the dogs included. There is plenty of time to get to know your own husky-team, make pictures and cuddle with them. 

The huskytour is private, so it is just you on the tour!

We will be out for about 15 km / 1,5 hours in total. If you would like to go dogsledding for longer, or spend more time with the huskies, check out our full-day husky activities!


Guided by Yellow Snow Husky Tours or Northern Soul Journeys

Included in activity

• Number: minimum 2 persons • Food / Beverage: incl warm beverage • Equipment: incl winter clothing

Total time

3 hour

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