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A warm welcome to Sörbyn - the natural meetingplace! 


We strive to offer you a nice and welcoming environment. It's important that you feel at home with us, just as our locals from the village.

Sörbyn Lodge is located in the middle of nature. The cities feel distant, as if you are in the middle of nowhere, but in fact Boden is only a 30-minute drive away, while Luleå Airport is only an hour's car ride. This means that there are plenty ways of getting here. 

A trip to Sörbyn is perfect for the outdoors person who wants to find more entry ways into nature, either if it's hiking, fishing, or with hunting as an interest. During summer we also offer buffé dinners for our guests and locals from the village.

You can choose to live in a hotel room or timbered huts. The main building holds Restaurant Kallkällan, a pub and reception. We also offer a rich variety of activities for both summer and winter season.



Cecilia ’Cicci’ Andersson

CEO & Owner


Emanuel Swärd

Service, Fishing Guide 


My name is Emanuel Swärd, born and raised in the small village Nyköping in South Sweden. I got an education in Sports Fishing at Forshagaakademin for five years, with subjects within biology and restauration of waters but also hunting and fishing guiding. I have always had a special pull towards North Sweden and have now moved in a house next to Råneå River, approx. 15 minutes from the Lodge. I am a passionate sports fisherman and spend more time on the lake than on land. I've specialised in fishing after large predators, especially Pike, Perch and Salmon. In 2017, I got the European record on Perch length (61,5cm). My heaviest Pike weighed 14240g and my largest Salmon was 113,5cm long. My main tasks at the Lodge is within fishing and cooking. I wish everyone could get the chance to visit the Northern parts of Sweden to experience the nature and culture we have to offer.


Sanne Kouwenhoven

Service, Guide


My name is Sanne. I grew up in the Netherlands but found my true home in Northern Scandinavia. Since 2018 I work part-time at the Sörbyn Lodge. Just like everyone else I work here als an all-rounder, but I also work with marketing and sales. Next to that I have my own dogsledding company, Yellow Snow Husky Tours. So when I am not in Sörbyn I am busy taking care of my dogs or I am out on husky-safari’s with guests from all over the world. I would love to welcome you to this beautiful corner of the world.


Tova Näslund

Service, Guide


I work mainly in Service behind the bar. Nature is one of my biggest interests, and this is something I'm glad to be able to share with those that visit Sörbyn. As a winter person I like to stand on skis, both for long distances and downhill, and I love to be accompanied by dogs. My wish is to see more people out on hikes and on the ski tracks, but not least to share stories with those I meet in nature. 

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