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  • Husky training

Activities / Summer

Husky training

After summer-holidays the temperatures drop and are perfect to train the huskies again so they will become fit for winterseason.Experience this exciting time together with us!

We start the tour with visit at in the dog kennel. You will meet the sled dogs and get to know more about the breed Alaskan Husky, about how the huskies live and what kind of care we give them. If you are interested we can talk about our breeding program, training, winter expeditions and lots more. Of course you will get the chance to cuddle with our super friendly huskies and play with the puppies! 

After this we take the huskies out of their kennels and prepare them for the run. We take 14-16 dogs in front of the training-vehicle and you will join as a passenger. The dogs love to pull us through a magical forest, you will see extreme joy and excitement! During the run we make sure they learn their routines, that they stay hydrated and of course that they are doing well overall. 

We will make a fire and have a delicious bbq-lunch, either half-way of the training in the forest or when we come back in the kennel.


Guided by Yellow Snow Husky Tours 

Included in activity

• Number: minimum 2 persons • Food / Beverage: incl bbq lunch and beverages

Total time

4 hours


September - November

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