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  • Musher for a day

Musher for a day

Discover the pleasures of gliding through the winter countryside with only the sound of the paws against the snow. Driving your own Dog team and your guide will run a team in the front.
The dogs will take you across frozen lakes and deep into the snowy woods.
To experience the forests during a full day and offered to work with the dogs is an amazing experience.  And when hunger sets in, you will stop and the dogs can rest while the guide cook lunch over an open fire.

This tour is suitable for all who wish to experience dog sledding during a full day, to wrap up the feeling is so hard to describe, hopefully you will feel that it is the natural choice of moving yourself in the snowy landscape –  nature will come closer.

Included in activity

• -Warm clothes (jacket, pants, shoes, overall, hat, gloves).
• -Individually dogsled team with 3-5 dogs.
• -Experienced guide.
• -Lunch.
• -Safety instructions to handle your own team.

Total time

7 hours