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  • Experience the Native Sami Culture

Experience the Native Sami Culture

We arrive at the native Forest-Sami family Eriksson's farm in Flakaberg at Råneå River Valley. Here we meet Lars Eriksson. Lars will show us their reindeer that live on the farm, he tells of the Sami life, the story of a bygone era in reindeer herding to how it looks today. From here we go to the traditional teepee with a fireplace at the beautiful lake Gorgim. Here we have lunch and enjoy the magnificent views, Lars shows us a short tour of the area before we travel back. A fantastic opportunity to experience the Sami culture.

Lars gives a real picture of Sami life and after had met the reindeers up close you get an idea of ​​what life as a forest-Sami can be.

Included in activity

• Number: at least 2 persons
• Food / Beverage: Warm meal and hot beverage are included
• Equipment: Winterclothing is included if necessary

Total time

4 hours