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  • Moose Safari

Moose Safari

We meet outside the Lodge, change into warm clothes for a day in the winter landscape. From Sorbyn we travel out into the countryside to the Scandinavian moose home lands. We will seek us out along the deserted forest roads for miles of marshlands, natural feeding areas and knowned moose trails. The moose is an animal that moves over large areas, but have their home as it always returns to. During the winter, the moose hikes down from the upper forest land and gather in the area around Sorbyn. This gives us a good opportunity to experience them and see them in their natural environment.

Included in activity

• Number: at least 2 persons
• Food / Beverage: Hot beverage and pastries are included
• Equipment: Warm clothing is included
• Other: Car alternatively snowmobi

Total time

4 hours