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  • Dinner on the lake

Activities / Summer

Dinner on the lake

Together with a skipper and a private chef you will head out on a float on the beautiful lake Vitträsket. The skipper steers the float over the water and tells you about life in the north, while the chef prepares some delicious snacks for you. We will find a nice spot where we can enjoy the sunset and there we light the bbq. The chef makes a delicious 3-course dinner for you. You can just enjoy the scenery, take a swim in the lake, try some fishing or just appreciate the food and quality time with your friends/ family. 

This is a very relaxing activity.

Included in activity

• Number: minimum 2 persons • Food / Beverage: incl 3 course bbq-dinner, snacks and non-alcoholic drink prepared by a private chef

Total time

3 hours


June - August

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