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  • Midnight Sun hike

Activities / Summer

Midnight Sun hike

We start in the evening and follow the paths up the mountain Snipen where there is an impressive view over Råneå River Valley. Here the midnight sun can really be experienced. In the light from the midnight sun, we also get time to study the two pieces of art "Viper" and "Spider", that the Sörbyn residents created together with artists Tim and Birgitta Linhart. We then enjoy in front of the campfire a swedish coffee and fika, while we gaze out at the view and the northern summer night.

The midnight sun is something unique about the north, in the area at and above the Arctic Circle, the sun never goes below the horizon between June and July. This is a magical feeling that must be experienced.


Included in activity

• Number: minimum 2 persons • Food / Beverage: incl coffee and hot beverage 

Total time

3 hours


June - July

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